Uncertainty over Dempo-SRK deal

Six months ago, Dempo SC fans had a reason to rejoice when Dempo Sports Club Chairman Shrinivas V. Dempo revealed about a proposed partnership deal with one of the India’s greatest filmstar, Shahrukh Khan.

 It was probably the best thing which could have happened to Indian football as Shahrukh Khan’s entry could have brought the much required glamour, marketing and publicity to Indian football.

In an exclusive interview with Marcus Mergulhao of Times of India, Mr. S.V Dempo mentioned about his apprehension of the deal “It’s low-key at the moment. Considerable time has passed by and I feel the deal is difficult,” said the club chairman.

The soft spoken chairman also made it clear that his club needed the actor’s time more than the money. “I have not met Mr. Khan for some time now but before that he did express his difficulty in giving the time commitment that we had asked for,” explained the club chairman.

According to the deal, the club would retain majority stakes while about 30-35 percent would be sold to Shahrukh’s company which also co-owns the IPL franchisee from Kolkata, the Kolkata Knight Riders.