Tilak Stadium gets improved turf


Football fans in Vasco will rejoice at the modern football pitch at Tilak stadium which gets ready to host the first I-league match on Thursday.

Watching a football game at Tilak Grounds will now be a spectacular experience, mostly because of the incredible looking pitch and the sparkling floodlights, as I-League teams practice their final moves before the games this weekend.

Ameet Malhotra, who was in charge of the pitch creation, spoke about the grass and its qualities “The pitch is made from Bermuda grass.  It grows in full sun and thrives in hot weather hence it is easy to grow and maintain the same. It grows in almost any well drained soil and makes a thick surface. It also recovers fast after a full game.”

The pitch has also been given a nice aesthetic look with the vertical stripes similar to those in European stadiums . Improvements to the grass pitch at Tilak were essential to ensure that players get the opportunity to play standard playing surface. It took collective efforts from the GFA, SAG and all I-League clubs, who met regularly to discuss the progress of the project.