Ricketts suspended after Twitter outburst

The Dempo Sports Club management took serious notice of the recent outburst against the coach on twitter by their striker Rohan Ricketts and has issued him a suspension notice.

The suspension came two days after he alleged Dempo Coach Armando Colaco of breaking his spirit and desire to play in India ““I can’t take this anymore!!! Not feeling safe along with actions of the coach which directly and indirectly affect have broken my spirit I came here to play football and help develop the game but this experience has killed me.” said the Ex-Tottenham player.

Ricketts also alleged that he has been receiving threats and does not feel safe in India anymore.

It may be recalled that he was involved in a similar duel with the coach before Dempo’s game against East Bengal on 3rd November. However, after being reprimanded he had apologised for the incident. The reprimand was a warning to Ricketts that he could face a potential suspension if he acted out unprofessionally again during the season.

The suspension if imposed could bring an end to Ricketts’ career in India, whose debut in I-League at FC Dempo began with high expectations but now includes only one goal from 10 appearances.

When asked about the incident to Armando Colaco he said, “There’s nothing to add other than feeling bad about the situation.  He shouldn’t have behaved in this manner. Individual issues could have been sorted out with the management instead of absurd tweets on a social network. I have always maintained that Rohan was a player with a “touch of class”. But, he went too far with his actions and let himself get out of control.”

Rohan Ricketts has been given 48 hours to explain his tirade against the Dempo Head Coach.