Myron: Young Star with Great Thoughts



 Dempo might have undergone a radical change over the past couple of months with a new coach Arthur Papas coming in after almost 12 years, but one guy who seems to have benefited from this change is the 20-year-old forward from the town of Mapusa, Myron Fernandes. 

Q. Having proved your talent for the reserve side for the past couple of seasons, it never came as a surprise when Arthur handed you the first senior team contract just before the dawn of the new season. How do you feel about it?

Myron: It is a dream come true! And I can’t wait for the season to begin. This senior contract is more like motivation to me, and I will try to give it my best shot if given an opportunity..

Q. Have you set any Goals for yourself?

Myron: Yes! One of my short term goals is to see myself playing in the National Team.

Q. How significant is it for a 20-year-old to commit your future to a club like Dempo?

Myron: It is indeed a very big step in my career. Since the time I started playing the game, at the age of 12, I was confident of making football my profession, and with the support and wisdom of my parents and uncles (Sebastian and Bonny D’costa) here I am today. And I believe that anyone with determination and proper guidance can achieve his dream, for I myself stand as a living example of his thought.

Q. Hailing from Mapusa, which is considered to be a stronghold for Dempo, who has been your support in the football journey so far?

Myron: My neighbours, specially my friends have encouraged me to perform better. Their feedback has only given me an opportunity to work on my skills, which has helped in bringing the best out of me.

Q. Having impressed everyone in the Goa Pro League with your speed, agility and ability to score goals in crunch situations, how do you place yourself on the field?

Myron: I am basically an attack minded player, but if needed I can adapt to the team’s need. I play as a striker as well as on the right wing with the aim of scoring for the team.


Q. You have been a part of the Dempo philosophy for a very long time and was also fortunate to travel to the Danish club FC Midtjylland as part of Dempo’s collaboration with its European partners. How has been your relation with the junior coaches ?

Myron: Mathew sir has always been very helpful to me. He is very frank and his no nonsense attitude on the field has helped me learn a lot from him. I still carry the values, which he has imparted in my game.

Q. Though it hasn’t been long enough that you began your training under the new coach Arthur Papas, how has been your experience with him so far?

 Myron: Papas is a very focused coach. He knows what he expects the team and also knows that his boys can deliver. His encouraging words and his method of training are amazing and fun filled and no doubt his playing ideology can achieve a great bit with the club.

Q. How excited are you about what both you and the club can achieve under the new coach?

Myron: It is a big opportunity for me and the club as a whole to have Papas as a new coach. His knowledge about the game is beyond comparison and I believe that playing under his guidance will help me a lot and I can grow as a better player.

As far as Indian football is concerned, Myron might not be reckoning to be the next big star, but the process of molding and shaping the career of a player, capable of scoring goals day in and day out has surely begun!