Jewel Raja wins the Golden Eagle Contest

Dempo Coach Arthur Papas is known for innovating unique ideas and programs during training sessions to bring about a lasting change among his players. His ideas are aimed at creating healthy competition in the team in turn nurturing team bonding.

In one such initiative started by Arthur Papas, Jewel Raja has been awarded as the “Golden Eagle of the Month” and had won a dinner for himself and his partner at the Goa Marriott Resort and Spa.

So what makes Golden Eagle of the month so special? Well, as per the training policy, each player gets a brownie point for completing the assigned tasks in given time during training sessions. Whoever collects the maximum points is declared as the Golden Eagle of the Month.

Jewel earned his points by displaying wonderful character and attitude during training sessions. He was the fastest during the 30 yard runs and also impressed during the training matches. In fact, his team   won the most of the training matches in the month. He has completed most of the tasks given to him and well within stipulated time which impressed Dempo’s Australian gaffer.

What were the tasks you excelled in?

I performed well in the running endurance tasks of 12 minutes, 3 minutes and 1 ½ minute. I completed them well and I guess got maximum points there. I also got 2 points after doing well in the practice matches and one point in the PreHab session.

What do you think about the Golden Eagle of the Month Contest?

My credit goes to our coach who will always try and get the best out of me. I think this contest is bringing healthy competition into the team and it will surely reflect on our performance on the field.

How do you feel after being the winner of the first Golden Eagle?

When I first heard about the contest from our coach I was wondering who could win it. I never thought it could be me out of so many talented players. But then i said to myself, no matter what happens I have to give my 100%, and that’s what I did. I dedicated myself to the tasks and won the contest.

How is the mood in the team?

The team is motivated. We are eager to play and win titles for our club. Last year we missed the federation cup narrowly, but this year we are having a fantastic squad which has a perfect mix of youth and experience.

How did you enjoy your dinner? What are your favorite dishes?

I was accompanied by my wife who was very happy that I won the contest. She always inspires me to give my very best. We had ordered my favourite dishes which include Murgh Mussallam (marinated Chicken in Indian Gravy). Chicken Biryani is my favorite.