“I am shocked” Says Armando

Armando Colaco

Before he took his team on the field against Prayag United, Dempo SC head coach Armando Colaco didn’t have any idea about comments made by an senior official of Prayag United Sports Club on a popular football website in India.

“Due to the match against Prayag, I could not visit the website and read the article. But now, after having read the article I cannot help but roll my eyes in bewilderment over the reaction of the Prayag Official. I’m shocked to see this” said the coach without taking any name.

“In my entire career I have never spoken against any coaches or how good or how bad they are. I have always spoken about Dempo and its legacy. I will not tolerate if somebody is making unjust remarks over our team and my coaching career.”

In an editorial of a popular football website, that was debating the influx of foreign coaches in India; a senior official of Prayag United had ridiculed the achievements of Armando Colaco by saying that these were no better than the accomplished foreign coaches in India who have achieved success in lesser time than Armando.

“Tell me one thing, Armando Colaco has won the I-League title 5 times, but he has almost 20 years experience. Now compare that to Karim Bencherifa winning the league within 2 years with Salgaocar. Which one is better?” said the senior Prayag United Official.

The Prayag Official also went on to add “What I think is that foreign coaches are much more advanced technically and tactically than their Indian counterparts. While Indian coaches might have a better idea of the infrastructure and players, technically they are no match to foreign coaches, especially Europeans.”

Retorting this claim Mr. Armando Colaco, coach of Dempo Sports Club wondered why the Prayag official was unnecessarily dragging his name into the debate of foreign coaches versus the Indian coaches and felt that the Prayag official had got his facts wrong.

“Firstly, he should get his facts corrected.” said a visibly disappointed Armando. “I have only been with Dempo SC for 12 years. Under my coaching, Dempo SC has won the National Football League twice; I-League thrice and ended up as runners-up on a couple of occasions. Our team had reached the Semi-Finals of the AFC Cup, Asia’s second most important club competition, a feat which no other Indian club has ever achieved. We have participated in the AFC Cup on 5 occasions, and have also played AFC Champions League play-off three times. I had the honor of being the National coach of Indian football team and also a nominee for the Dronacharya award, the highest coaching award given by the Govt. of India.  With all these in fewer than 12 years, I don’t think I need to justify my achievements. They are there for everyone to see. I do not want to fall into the debate whether foreign coaches are good or the Indian ones, but nobody has a right to drag me into this conversation disrespectfully.” explained Armando.

Armando further added “It is unfair of him to comment upon me like this. As a coach, I have always said that I am still a student of football. I constantly aspire to learn about new techniques of coaching and with such remarks coming from a person who does not even have credentials like a Chunni Goswami or P.K Banerjee, I would just advise him to refrain from saying such things about anybody.”

 Giving more details about his thoughts on the debate of foreign coaches versus the Indian coaches Armando said “I believe coaching is an Individual philosophy. You can have a lot of coaches, but what you need is a voice that can help the players accomplish their tasks by overcoming their fears. It doesn’t matter if there is a foreign coach or an Indian one, with good coaching, proper motivation and a strong support from the club management you can achieve a lot, just like us at Dempo sports Club.”