Dempo players visit School at Mapusa

Jan 17: Officials and players of Dempo Sports Club Pvt. Ltd. as part of its Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and Community Development Programme, visited St. Britto’s High School, Mapusa this morning, The players, Godwin Franco, Nigerian Koko Sakibo, new signing Johnny Menyongar and ex-student of the school Myron Fernandes, visited the school along with Dempo Sports Club officials- Pundalik Raut Dessai, Abhijit Patil and Jonathan DeSouza.

 The programme started with a welcome speech by Father Cedric, Principal of St. Britto’s High School. Mr. Pundalik Raut Dessai of Dempo Sports Club then spoke a few words exhorting the students to take up to sports, especially football as the game was in every Goan’s blood and the government also declaring it as the Official Sate Sport. He also urged the students especially of Std X, to balance equally their studies as well as lay stress on physical fitness. Mr. Dessai gave an example through St. Britto’s very own ex-student Myron Fernandes, of how a young player with determination and hard work could play forIndia’s top club at the tender age of 19.

 Mr. Abhijit Patil, Asst. Manager, Media and Marketing, Dempo Sports Club, then handed a formal invitation to St. Britto’s High School, inviting their students to witness Dempo’s I-League clash against United Sikkim Football Club at Duler Stadium on 19th January 2012. 

The players Godwin Franco, Koko Sakibo, Johnny Menyongar and Myron Fernandes then, on behalf of the players and officials of the entire Dempo Sports Club team, handed an autographed team jersey to the Principal Father Cedric and also wished the students of standard 10th good luck for their exams scheduled to commence in March/ April. They also handed an autographed ball to the Management of the school.

 The players then took time off to sign autographs for the children and interacted with them. Myron Fernandes, ex-student of the school was the toast of the morning being mobbed by his junior Britto-ites and hounded for autographs.

 According to the officials of Dempo Sports Club, this initiative was their first in what will be a series of community and fan development exercises. They plan to visit more schools in the future and organize more programmes of this kind to popularize the game among the younger generation.


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